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Add and remove action.

Big call out to all our Pink Ladies, Panthers and Carers. A chance to help us develop our promotional kit for Male and Female awareness stalls, having fun making paper bras, paper y front and other non plastic props for our awareness stall. Chat, Craic and Craft. Register here!

Kids: Reduce Your Risk

These sessions are for school children of all abilities aged Primary 7+, which educates them on the ways to reduce their exposure to harmful chemicals.

Adults: Reduce Your Risk

Learn about ways to reduce your risk of developing Cancer and other illnesses by making small, easy changes to your life. This session teaches you about the hormone system and how chemicals called endocrine disruptors can play havoc with it. We also highlight affordable alternatives and useful resources to assist you to make the necessary changes.

Male Awareness Sessions

This informative session can be delivered to groups of any size and focuses on the signs and symptoms of male Cancer. You will learn what to look for and what to do if you notice any changes.

Female Awareness Sessions

This hour-long session, endorsed by the Public Health Agency, covers the signs and symptoms of Cancers that affect women. We will show you how to look and feel for changes and teach you what to do next if you find anything.