Our Story

Born in 2005, we were originally known as The Pink Ladies Breast Cancer Support Group. In 2023, we rebranded to Hive Cancer Support to encompass all of our progress, developments and service offerings.

Our voluntary initiative was founded in collaboration between the Bogside & Brandywell Women’s Group, the Bogside & Brandywell Health Forum (BBHF) and representatives from the local health authority, who identified a high rate of Breast Cancer in the area.

The group flourished under the guidance and support of the BBHF, and in 2009 it became a standalone registered charity based at The Gasyard Centre.

We identified a growing demand to support people with all types of Cancer. As a result, we now offer a wraparound, holistic, person-centred approach to supporting families affected, both directly and indirectly, by Cancer.

After recognising the importance of Cancer awareness, early detection, and prevention, we established our Education Strategy which evolved into hosting workshops and information events.

Hive Cancer Support promotes vibrant, informed communities and has now expanded.



Our knowledge and expertise, coupled with the fact that we are based in the community, makes us quick to respond in a way that is grounded. We can identify challenges quickly and promote understanding.


We are committed to ensuring the promotion of Cancer support services to combat isolation and engage beneficiaries in social, recreational, health and educational programmes to enhance their quality of life.


We are open, reliable, accountable, and ethical. Always adhering to best practice in all areas of our work.


Our energy, enthusiasm, empathy, and belief in making a positive difference to the treatment and care of service users, means we are always giving our best.


We seek opportunities to share knowledge, experience, and skills and to co-operate and partner with others for the benefit of members and their families.


We are committed to developing a user-led model of good practice in delivering an integrated, innovative Cancer support programme that is easily accessible to everyone.


We believe in Cancer prevention, in all its forms. This includes the impact of the Environment on Human Health. We follow the Environmental and Endocrine science, campaign to change or update on Government strategies, and add our signature to Non-Governmental organisations who lobby for change.

We are also committed to assisting, promoting, and supporting research, surveys or investigations into cancer prevention programmes.

The Hive Cancer Support Group will endeavour to support all Cancer THRIVERS, their family members, and carers, through the provision of vital services in order to enhance their quality of life and promote a vibrant and informed community.


With a commitment to improving the lives of people affected by Cancer, the team work with a diverse range of experts with a common goal: to redefine Cancer care, prevention, and support.

At Hive Cancer Support we recognise the importance of wraparound holistic care, offering vital services to those living with a Cancer diagnosis, their family and carers.

Our services include peer support, counselling and well-being initiatives that empower people to cope with the emotional challenges they may face.

Our community-based programmes are people led and designed to meet the needs of our members.

Hive Cancer Support buzzes with positive energy and encourages friendships that allow people to unite through shared experiences.

Through our Awareness Sessions and Educational Resources, we help people make informed choices to help prevent Cancer.

We are transforming the landscape of Cancer care and prevention in all its forms, by empowering people with the resources they need to navigate their Cancer journey with strength and resilience.

Meet the Team

Maureen Collins

Project Manager

A founder member of Hive Cancer Support, Maureen volunteered with the organisation for 10 years and joined the staff team in 2015.

She has been involved with grassroots community development work for the last 27 years and began her career as a Welfare Advice Officer at Dove House Community Trust.

Maureen’s insight into the financial cost of a Cancer diagnosis fuels her lobbying and campaign work to tackle health and social inequalities.

She has successfully overturned discriminatory legislative and departmental decisions, including Cancer thrivers being forced to attend gruelling Employment Support Allowance (ESA) assessments during the course of their treatments.

She also led a campaign to secure one off winter fuel payment for people going through Cancer treatment.

Contact Maureen: maureenpinkladies@gmail.com or call 07394100676

Michelle McLaren

Development Worker

Michelle started with the Pink Ladies Cancer Support Group on placement for her BSC Hons in Community Development and never left.

After a volunteering for a year, she became the charity’s first member of staff.

As a Cancer thriver Michelle is passionate about Cancer awareness, early detection and getting to know your body.

She knows life with, and after Cancer, can feel surreal and difficult to navigate, but as part of Hive Cancer Support, Michelle is here to support and enhance your journey.

Contact Michelle: michellepinkladies@gmail.com or call 07858507960

Jacquie Loughrey

Education and Prevention Officer

After volunteering with the charity for a few years, Jacquie joined the staff and developed an Education Strategy focusing on Cancer Prevention in all its forms.

This includes looking at the impact of climate change on diet and nutrition, alongside environmental toxins like plastic on human health.

Jacquie has completed a certificate in Environmental Toxin, awarded by leading Health Practitioner in USA Lara Adler. Jacquie’s passion is raising awareness of the risks to a Cancer diagnosis, especially amongst the next generation.

Contact Jacquie: jacquiepinkladies@gmail.com

Sarah McGowan

Programme and Services Coordinator

As a recent Ulster University graduate with a love for physical activity and health, Sarah has put her in-depth knowledge and experience to use to highlight the importance of working within the local community.

She implements programmes and services which promote and maintain good health to enhance quality of life and benefit healthy communities.

Contact Sarah: sarahpinkladies@gmail.com or call 07719073124

Marianne Flood

Community Education and Marketing Assistant

Marianne was a journalist for almost 15 years before moving into the charity sector.

She worked as a media officer for Alzheimer’s Society for two years, where she discovered a passion for making the voices of people in challenging circumstances heard.

Marianne is the first point of contact for any schools, businesses and community groups interested in our education and awareness workshops.

Contact Marianne: mariannepinkladies@gmail.com or call 07710025494

Martin Mullan

Male Support Worker

Martin began volunteering for the charity in 2012 and quickly discovered his natural talent for putting people at ease and being a good listener.

In 2016 he became our Male Support Worker and now delivers Male Cancer Awareness sessions ‘from the Maiden City to Magilligan’.

These relaxed events help men become more aware of their bodies and understand that it is ok to ask for help.

Martin also facilitates the monthly meetings of the Pink Panthers Men’s Support Group and HUGS Carers Support Group, which are a safe space to relax and chat with people in similar situations.

Martin is a well-known figure in the city’s LGBTQIA+ community and is a passionate mental health advocate.

Contact Martin: martinpinkladies@gmail.com or call 07845533351

Edele Harkin

Carers Support and Engagement Officer

Edele has been employed with the Pink Ladies since 2021 and her current role within the organisation is Carers Support and Engagement Officer.

As a result of her educational attainments (BSC & MSC) she has an extensive knowledge in the promotion of health and well-being.

With both personal and professional experience of the issues affecting carers, she recognises the valued role that unpaid carers play in our society.

Edele has a greater understanding of the importance of providing a range of suitable advocacy and support services to them, whilst also signposting to other relevant community, voluntary, statutory, and private services.

Contact Edele: edelepinkladies@gmail.com or call 02871414004

Sean Harkin

Family Support and Engagement Officer

Sean returned to his home town of Derry in 2020 after spending 36 years in Glasgow where he worked across children and adult services within Health and Social Care.

He started work with the Pink Ladies Cancer Support Group in June 2022 in the role of Family Support and Engagement Officer.

Sean’s main function within the organisation is to support the needs of families where there has been a cancer diagnosis.

His approach to support is very person centred, which ensures that members are linked into appropriate and effective support, both within the organisation, and to external support services.

Contact Sean: seanpinkladies@gmail.com or call 07977059382 / 02871414004

Linda McAnee

Finance and Operations Officer

Both Linda’s Mum and sister were ‘Pink Ladies’ so the organisation has always been close to her heart.

After voluntarily fundraising for the charity for several years, Linda stepped in to support with finance work during the pandemic, after 16 and a half happy years as Finance and Administration Officer with Drumahoe Childcare Limited.

Linda has a long involvement with community work and has coached for 40 years with City of Derry Swimming Club.

Contact Linda: financepinkladies@gmail.com or call 07710025494